Blanche the Luna Moth, Part 1

So this has happened…luna moth 7

Yesterday, this gorgeous luna moth chose a little section of our side porch, on a pair of doors, to open her own maternity ward. We’re honored, but it does seem like she might’ve chosen one of our sweetgum trees, or one of the many hickory trees or white oaks, over doors made of wood and glass with lots of near-constant activity and noise around them.

luna moth 5

This, to me, begs the question: Is Blanche a first-time mother? Because this was really not the best decision for her offspring.

luna moth

The doors are old, but they’re really clean, because Daughter of the House just high-pressure-washed them a day before all this went down. So maybe Blanche had some kind of My Maternity Ward Must Be Clean thing going on in her head, and I can empathize with that more than I’d like to admit – you can go completely batshit a little bit crazy right before you give birth, and I most assuredly speak with the voice of experience – but she really should’ve gone for one of the trees. When the caterpillars hatch, they’ll eat their own egg casings first, but then they’ll be immediately ready to start seriously chowing down on some sweetgum or white oak or hickory leaves. Not laying the eggs on a host food was a serious mistake in terms of making sure her caterpillars survive.

luna moth with eggs

And this, my friends, is why we named her Blanche. She is absolutely and irrevocably relying on the kindness of strangers, and that would be us.

Our luna moth’s namesake, Blanche Dubois, from Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire, as channeled by Vivien Leigh

Blanche laid multiple eggs in four different areas of the doors. The caterpillars will hatch in 10 days, if they make it, and we’re going to be ready for them. We’ll be building a cage for them and tracking their progress, so stay tuned 😉 It’s really exciting to think that we might get to have a small part in helping!

Bright blessings,
CJ & Kay

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    1. Thank you – it’s going to be interesting, that’s for sure! I’ve been given to understand by moth folks that luna moths are not, indeed, the sharpest tools in the shed 😉

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