Blanche the Luna Moth, Part 2

If there’s a Part One, there has to be a Part Two, ergo this somewhat reluctant blog post, because it’s also The End, for Blanche’s babies, anyway – Blanche herself took off like a thief in the night right after she laid her eggs, the hussy.

So, sad news, I fear: none of Blanche’s offspring survived. Not one. I had the best of intentions, which for some irrational reason included being there at the moment of hatching, and transferring the little critters immediately after they ate their way through their egg casings to my big white pyrex bowl filled with sweetgum leaves.

That’s not at all how it happened, of course. I said goodnight to happy little eggs three nights ago, and the next morning, I found only empty egg casings, with a whole bunch of little itty bitty cute green caterpillars underneath who were not only merely dead but really most sincerely dead. Every. Single. One.

So I really suck as a caterpillar mom, and to think not long ago I accused Blanche of the very same thing.

I did identify this gorgeous moth, though, which is a frequent visitor to our porch – it’s a tulip-tree beauty moth. The close-up of the picture isn’t very good, but it was before the sun came up and I was holding my arms up over my head to get a shot. tulip tree beauty moth

mothra both

Unidentified buddy, a bit more up-close and personal.

itty mothra

Here’s a better picture, taken when a tulip-tree beauty moth posed on a necklace we had out on the porch not too long ago, inspiring a blog post you can view by clicking here.

Tulip-tree beauty moth posing with a vintage butterfly necklace
Tulip-tree beauty moth posing with a vintage butterfly necklace

Tulip-tree beauty moths are named because of their expertise at camoflauge, on tulip trees and other trees as well – they appear flat and blend in with the bark almost perfectly.

We’ll keep on enjoying the moths that visit, and if another Blanche should happen along and leave eggs and then flee into the night, we’ll come up with a better plan.

Bright blessings,
CJ & Kay

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