More Fungus Amungus

We have so many different varieties of fungi in our woods that it boggles my brain, and they’re all beautiful. It’s on my list to get serious about learning to identify them, and harvesting and eating the non-poisonous ones.



Do you see the little black ant on the lower right part of the mushroom up there? He was completely unfazed by the huge clumsy creature lying on the ground taking pictures. He was on a mission.







Ever since I spontaneously named a previous blog post “A Fungus Amungus,” the phrase has been rolling around in the back of my mind. I remembered it from early childhood, but no details with it. Interwebs to the rescue: I traced it as far back as 1958, when Terry Noland released a song by that name. It was covered by another band in 1962. Click here to listen to Terry Noland’s 1958 version of the song – if you dare.


Bright blessings,
CJ & Kay

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