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Click here to see some of the gorgeous vintage old stock cabochons we recently acquired – Kay’s having so much fun taking pictures of them and getting them listed. We picked up quite a few vintage old stock faceted gemstones at the same time, so drop by again soon at Gypsum Moon Rocks to see those, too.

Just click on the photos to go directly to the listings – enjoy the eye candy!

Gorgeous brecciated jasper cabochon
Stunning purple charoite cabochon
Breathtaking rusty reds in this jasper cabochon
Genuine spider web turquoise cabochons, set of 2
Rare and fabulous Zuni multi stone sterling inlay cabochon
Fiery natural orange agate cabochon

Our entire section of display specimens can be found by clicking here.

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Here’s the link to gemstones and pendants.

Listings for quartz and other minerals we’ve collected from Gypsum Moon Mine can be found here.

Cedar planks, cedar roots and branches, and tree bark are just a few of the things you’ll find listed here.

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