Jadeite In the Wild

I finally found my very first piece of jadeite in the wild, and it’s a beauty – a covered candy dish in the Old Cafe pattern from Anchor Hocking, part of their Fire-King Jadeite brand that they produced from the 1940s to the mid 1970s.jadeite-candy-3Okay, technically, Kay spotted it first, but hey, that counts, right?

I really regret that we didn’t get pics right away, because it was so covered in layers and layers of caked on grease coated with caked on grime that it resembled a sickly brown plastic version of itself. It was gross – not only merely gross, but really most sincerely gross. I can’t help but wonder how many people passed it by with only the briefest of glances. The thrift shop where we found it, normally pretty darn savvy about what’s collectible and what’s not, had put it in their huge, jumbled, totally fun to rummage in back room, where things are usually inexpensive. I had to try really hard to not pee on myself act super casual when the nice lady at the register was pricing the things in our cart. The fact that it was so filthy that you couldn’t even take the lid off – seriously, it looked like a piece of dirty cheap plastic crap – really worked in our favor, because I could tell she didn’t even want to touch it, and she didn’t pick it up – so she didn’t feel the glorious weight of the glass.

Got it home, washed it up, and behold, the glory of the green opaque milk glass so lovely that someone at the Jeannette Glass Company in the 1930s was inspired to name it after the gemstone jade, or more specifically, the green form of jade, jadeite. Several companies besides Anchor Hocking and Jeannette have made their own versions of jadeite, including McKee, Fenton, and New Martinsville.


The Old Cafe covered candy dish is fairly easy to find in clear glass, and a few other pretty colors, but a jadeite one is pretty darn rare- particularly one in such good condition, like this one.

More marvelous jadeite? Well, sure – here you go.

A set of four cereal or chili bowls which are also Fire-King Jadeite, available at As Time Goes By Vintage on etsy:


A mixing bowl for a Sunbeam mixer, made by Jeannette or McKee in the 1960s, which you can find at Mid Modern Malone on etsy:


A pair of adorable Fenton jadeite bunny eggcups or toothpick holders, made in the early 1990s – I spotted these in Trouve La Joie on etsy:


And, because, dresses: I cannot resist the dresses! I leave you with this swoonable 1960s bit of jadeite green chiffon loveliness from Dollybird Vintage on etsy …


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Bright blessings,
CJ & Kay