Kitschy Psychedelic Owl? Yes, Please, With a Side Whiff of Cedar

How amazingly amazing is this raw cedar woodburned and painted wall hanging? I will tell you: it is AMAZING. Umm-AAAA-zing.


I tried to get a really good closeup of the owl, but the reflections were crazy. Trust me – the owl is amazing, too.

It’s Kay’s most recent woodburned piece. She made it from a big raw cedar plank that she sanded on one side until she could see what she wanted to do – the owl was looking right out at her. So she got out her woodburning tools, and her paints, and she went to work – just disappeared for a few hours. The finished piece she finally emerged with is almost two feet tall, weighs three full pounds, and it smells SOOOOOOO good, because, cedar. It’s going to make any room it hangs in smell lovely.

Kay’s been woodburning off and on since she was a teen, starting in the mid 1970s, and her fabulous style has remained pretty much the same over the years. You can easily see who two of the biggest influences on her as a young artist were – her art has a very cool Peter Max psychedelic vibe combined with lots of Georgia O’Keeffe-style lusciously sexy lady flowers.


You can see more of her woodburned art pieces by clicking here, and don’t forget she loves to do custom work.

Bright blessings, CJ & Kay